dimanche 11 janvier 2015

WIPocalypse January

Oupsi ! Sorry for the late post for the WIPocalypse ! School just began this week and I had a lot of things to do because i'm on the Conseil Executif ( Don't know how to translate :/ ) of my Program Association.

So here I am, my name is Marilyn. I live in Mont-Royal, neighborhood in Montreal, province of Quebec ( In Canada, but since i'm not feeling as much Canadian, Quebec is enough ^__^ ). I am 24 years old and I'm studying in Demography and Statistics (But it's easier for people to understand when I tell them Population Studies and Mathematics). I hope to receive my diplome in June 2016, and then continue to the Graduate Program in Demography or in Biostatistics ( But for the last one, I will need a killer GPA... that's why i'm working so hard and don't have a lot of time for cross stitch ) 
I live with my boyfriend since 2012, the one BF who loves me for everything I am, even when I return home after buying everything in sight at the cross stitch boutique. (Yeah the rolling eyes he makes is love demonstration :)  )

I started cross stitch last year, after more than 10 years of break. I found my old box full of threads and patterns.. with some UFO inside ! The BF will tell you he had not signed for this, but it's ok (I think) 

Exactly one year later, here I am with a blog and 1 000 000 000 000 new projects in mine ( But not as much in my bank account )

Here is a list of what I want to work on this year :
(The link send you on the page of the label associated to the project progression. If you only want the lastest picture,  I invite you to go to the WIP page ^_^(To be done soon.. I hope))

Completion Goal

Progression Goal
Starting Goal
On the side Goal
  • Mini's from the World of Cross Stitch Magazine

And.... That's it ! I will surely modify this list trough the year, but this is a good start. 
I will put link for the missing pictures (i've made a lot of progress during Christmas vacation) on the next article. 

I wish you a lot of time to stitch, hope you will enjoy this year !
Have a nice WIPocalypse :D

4 commentaires:

  1. Good luck with your studies, you're a very busy Lady,don't know how you find the time to stitch! and you have a very understanding bf ;) love your Elegance of the Orient.

  2. Nice to hear from you again. My hubby knew what he was getting into, I would pass by xstitch shops when we were still dating, so now I tell him he has no right to roll his eyes when he sees the mess! He said he didn't know this stitching takes up some space,LOL. Goodluck in your studies, those stitches can wait.

  3. Good luck with School, you have some lovely projects to stitch :)

  4. Nice to meet you! Have I said that I love Statistics to you before? If not, then I'll say it now LOL.
    My hubby knew I was a stitcher when he married me, I'd been doing it for about 15 years and my walls were covered. He's very supportive but can't understand why the finished pieces don't sell for lots of money!