lundi 19 janvier 2015

IHSW Report Jan 2015

I've decided to participate to the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (Hosted by Joyce from Random Ramblings )

The rules for this are simple : Stitch all the weekend ! As much as your time permits it !

Exactly what I've been doing because i've been attacked by a terrible cold and fever that left me staying home and doing nothing «productive» all the weekend ...
Nothing productive meaning I felt like my brain was swimming in some jelly. Result : no homeworks and lectures, only sleeping, movies and stitching !  ( A week end of break sometime isn't bad ? )

I made a lot of progression on 3 projects from Friday to Sunday night ( Yep, missed my classes on Friday, I could'nt get out of bed, it was like a truck passed on me while I was sleeping  )

(Sorry for the picture quality, I take them from my old phone ) 

#1 Jazz Café  


Close up

Anchor/Maia Collection
Black Aida 16 ct

I've been working on the dress and finished the brown already started.

#2 Elegance of the Orient



Little close up 

Dimensions Gold
Cream Aida 18 ct

After doing so much blue in those 2, I relaxed with other colors in the last one ;)

#3 Mad Hatter



HAED/ Hannah Lynn
White Lugana 28ct

I haven't done a lot of work on this one, because I like to keep it for when I'm tired of my other projects. This is the main reason why I don't expect to have it finished in 2015...


This is it for this month. My stitching pace is slow if I compare to others I follow but it's okay for me. It is not a race, I stitch because I love to ! 

I'm not sure to have time for the next one, because the due date will fall almost in the same period as my exams, and I suppose it would be suicide to dedicace all my weekend on stitching .

Only time will tell !

Hope you had a nice week end full of stitching too ! :)

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