samedi 22 novembre 2014

New stuff !

Hello everybody ! Long time no see !
Special greetings to everybody from Buffalo who are experiencing the Great Canadian Winter

I have a loooot of new stuff and pics to show you !

First off all, I bought a box full of Anchor and DMC threads, because I wanted to start new projects that were not the kits i usually have.

So this is what it look liked at first  :

Then I thought : Ok, maybe I should cry. Each skein took 10 min to roll. I had over 250 to roll. 
So, after a few days ...

Again, the only thing i had in mind was : why I didn't bought this f*ckn little plastic sh*t to roll all this. 

Yeah, lot of anger.

But then after a looong week of doing this, and no cross stitch at all (because the BF would have killed me if i let all this mess there and doing something else )

Tadaa !! 

As you can see: Anchor on the left, DMC on the right. Yep Anchor have a better progression of color when compared to DMC. 

DMC vs Anchor? Bof, almost the same thing. I don't prefer one or another. The two are great quality, the only difference is in the color. But I have not work with enough DMC thread to tell you any significant difference.
It's when you work with one of those two you realise Dimension has sh*tty China made thread.

And no, it's not over. I just don't ave enough plastic/carton cards to put my skeins on. Need to buy some. (At the back, you can see a specimen of the Probability course book in all it's splendor.. )

Oooook. But have you been working on something during all this time ?

Oh yes, I did !

But let me tell you something about university: 

(Yes, I had a summer session. No beach, no fun. Study and study, and working(Because tuition fees))

Buuuuuuuut ... I did have time. Yeah ! 

My super lovely geisha, Elegance of the Orient had a lot of work done on it during summer.
(The reason i had no tan at the end of August) 

(Aida 18ct, super long to do)

After working a lot of hours on my geisha I thought : Hey, why not buy MORE cross stitch, so i will have a lot of stuff in my stach, knowing I will never have enough time in my life to finish them anyway ?

Yeah, why not? 

And this is how my credit card was used during september (after clearing my school bill )

Nice, eh ?

(The BF was soooooooo happy to see this in our postal. Yep *sarcasm*)

Pssssit ...
Pics of new WIP next post !  (⌒▽⌒)☆ 

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  1. Hi Marilyn I love your blog! That picture of Sean Bean is too funny. Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you know you are a no-reply comment blogger? That means no one can email you when you leave a comment on their blog. Let me know if you want to change that and need some help.

    1. I've made a change on my private settings, did it work? Thank you for telling me !
      My pictures of movies and actors are called memes, it is a very popular thing for young people on the internet .

  2. Hi, also returning the following! I think your stitching is lovely and your English is perfect. Much better than my French anyway. I can understand enough to find nice freebies on French blogs though!

    1. Thank you for your comment :) I hope to be better in English and I think having a Blog is a good way to practice !

  3. Hi

    Found your through Rachel's blog.
    Great stash ( all those threads - Fantatstic ) and lovely stitching.
    Love the Toy Story picture!

    1. Thank you, i'll be posting more of the picture, these are called memes, very popular on internet for young people :)

  4. Thanks for becoming my newest follower :-) I'll add you to my blog list but I don't know how to use Google plus so can't become an official follower yet. Love your threads; that's how I organize mine. Yes, they are a pain to wind! Beautiful charts you're working on; as you know I always have a ridiculous number of WIPs. I've never tried Anchor, I usually use DMC. Take care :-)

    1. Thank you for following! DMC have more colours of thread, but Anchor have more subtile tons for colours. I wish to be good enough to mix them for future projects !

  5. Great memes lol did you make them? I've only used dimensions and dmc and cannot believe you bought all that thread at once lol. The most I've wound is 100 it took me several hours one night. Although I was reading while doing it so that may be why lol. Thanks for becoming a follower I'll be adding you right now i love your blog.