jeudi 12 juin 2014

3, 2, 1 .. Stitch !

Hello and welcome to my new blog !

Doing cross stitching when i was a teenager, i recently open my old embroidery box to find a UFO started and abandoned in 2005... 
Well, time to «retrousser ses manches» as we say in french ! (whehehe sorry, Im French Canadian  ) 

As there were a LOT of mistakes, i have been watching cross stitching videos to learn a second time how to cross stitch  and realize i was doing it all wrong at 14 y-o !!

After 3 months of angers and cries, i finished this little project. And then, i discovered that there were à lot of young people like me who where crazy fans of cross stitch, who posted pictures and videos of their projects. Why not me ?

As my first post here, I will put pictures of my WIP, and those that are finished !

(I take my picture with my phone that is NOT Iphone, sorry for the bad quality )

Soo here are my few projects !



This one is called Elegance of the Orient, from Dimensions. I fell in love with this beauty the first time i saw it on Deviantart. As my first project was finished, the one thing i've done after was to order this kit ! I've been working on it since April 25 (the day i received it hehe). It is the first time i work on Aida 18ct and it is harder than expected after ben working for 4 months on Aida 14.

This project, i'm trying to do it with the Perfect Back technique. I will post pictures another time, and tips if you want to do the same !


(Is there someone who knows how to «turn» pictures on this blog? )
This one don't have any name, only a number. It is from Permin of Compenhagen. It is a kind of little kit, really simple to do. This is what my mother bought me when i was very young. I have a lot of them in my embroidery box ! 
I put only 2 hours of works to do it a this point. I wish to give it to my little sister who is waiting for a baby !

Finished :


When they tell you : choose something you really like because at one point, ou will be thinking of throwing it in the fire.. hell yeah this is true ! 
This is called Hummingbirds & Fuchsia from Dimensions, made on Aida 14. It is this one that I found unfinished ( and I remembered why ! ) If it was not of my boyfriend cheering me up, and telling me me that UFOing is bad, i would have throw this one in the garbage. My aunt gave me this 10 years ago and I never really liked it ! But since it is finished, it's okay i feel better ^^

As you notice, there are French Knot in this piece ! They are not perfect, since it was the first time i attempted to do this. Thanks to youtube ^^


This is another Permin of Copenhagen kit with no name, received from my mom when I was very young. Made on Aida 14, it took me only one week to finish ( knowing I was in the end of the semester and studying/exams all over the head).
This one i really love to do it. The colours where wonderful( I looooove pink ! ) and it will match perfectly with the baby room for my little sister ! 

And this is it for now, maybe I will find other treasuries to show you !

And before saying goodbye, a little bit about me !
My name is Marilyn and I am 24 years old. French is my first language and i have some difficulties with English, but i try very hard on this side. I'm living in Montreal, where i do an Undergraduate in Statistics and Population Studies, in University of Montreal ( Even tough i come from Saguenay, which is 6 hours in the north. Yeah, North of Canada \o/ )  I'm working part-time in a restaurant, and studying in the same time ( Yes, i have a summer session -___- ) 
I don't have a lot of time for cross stitching, i wish i had more. But eh ! I want good grades, and i want money... so stitching comes last ! I also love playing Playstation. For the moment i enjoy Oblivion (since my ex coloc «stole» my Skyrim game ). I do RPG too with a group of friend. If you don't know what is Dungeons and Dragons, it will be a pleasure to explain it to you ! 
And this is it !

Well hope you will enjoy my blog, as I enjoy reading about other people !

Have a nice week!

The Crazy Thread Lady 
(No, i don't have any cats, but i have thread. And I'm crazy too.)

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