mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Autumn Stitching

Ahh, Autumn ! Colour changing trees, Starbuck's Spicy Pumpkin Latte and... New School session. Yep.

I've just begun my 2nd year of 3 of my undergraduate in mMathematics and Population Studies. This is one of the hardest undergraduates in the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Montreal (The worst is Mathematics and Economics, cold chills in my back just to think about it).

This is why I don't have all the time I wished to stitch. With more than 20 hours of courses and TP each week (Practical Work if I translate, kind of homework courses), this is terrible. But I keep a good minding about it, because, unlike the others undergraduates in social sciences, like sociology or anthropology, there is a good job waiting for every students who complete the grad course. Since we are only 20 each year to begin the courses, the employers usually hire the students before they finish.

I found what I wanted to do in life only at 22 years old. Dears readers, if your kids don't know what they want to be in the future, it's okay. Let them find their way and don't put pressure on them. The most important thing is to be happy in where you are in life. And this is the only thing you should wish for your children   :)


Sensitive is now over, Pictures time !

No, I didn't only studied this autumn, I've been doing a lot of stitching. (A little too much, my 20 pages paper due for next Thursday have a progression of... 0% -____-  )

Let's take a look to my Elegance Of Orient from Dimensions

Aida 18ct

I think I have made a good progression on it. The roses began to appear, and the bottom of the Blue kimono. I will have closer pics next time.

Here is a picture of the back 

I want my back to be neat and perfect. it's is a little bit more complicated to do the stitching this way, but not very hard. Once you know how it works, it becomes very easy !
I will show you how to do this some day. It is important of you want to do towel or other projects where the back is as important as the front, because people could see it.


This autumn, I have made a New start, with one of the kits I received in the end of September

It is called Jazz Cafe from Maia Anchor
(The colours are less bright in real life, it's because of my lamp)

Black Aida, 16ct

This is what I made for the moment. I want to offer this to my parents, because it would fit perfectly in their Living room. They are musician and the theme of the decoration is Jazz music. I hope they will like it !

This picture is a close up to show you.... 3/4 stitch !
Since it is not written anywhere that there is 3/4 stitch, i had the surprise when I opened the package. It was the first time i had to do this kind of stitch. And I didn't had the choice to learn how to do them because they are everywhere ! 
It was the first time too I had to work with black aida. It is harder than the white one, because you don't really see the holes, and you have to guess them sometimes. If I have a negative point for dark Aida, is that you need a very good light to work on it. I'm happy to be young and have good eyes, because this would be very hard.

And finally, a picture of the back. 

This is it for the moment.

A question for you !
Is the back important for you? Do you pay attention of the back when you are stitching ? Have you ever heard of the perfect back technique ? 
I would be glad to read you about it !

For know, I have a semester to finish, and good grades with it, I hope !

Have a nice week ! 

3 commentaires:

  1. Hang in there with your studies; you're amazing for working so hard at them :-) My oldest daughter's 12, and her career choice changes every week. I don't stress over it; I know she'll find her true calling one day. Thanks for the advice.
    Your stitching is gorgeous! I love the colors. I have a WIP on black Aida, too, but I'm not blessed with young eyes! A strong light is best, yes. I've never tried the perfect back technique but would be interested in it.
    Good luck finishing your paper!

  2. I hear you I have my ba in sociology and there are no jobs. So I'm going back to school for my masters in education so I can teach. It's only another year or so. I don't really care what my back looks like as I frame all of my pieces. I also park my thread so the back becomes quite messy.

  3. Love this picture, she's beautiful. you're doing a great job! I work on black allot or coloured fabrics as I'm not that keen on white.. ( I know..weird LOL ) but I have a tip that may help you. Try putting a white towel on your lap while you're stitching, it will help you see the holes easier. I have it on my blog under " Tips"
    hope this helps.